Reid Hall

Reid Hall

Century-old Reid Hall has hosted international conferences, undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as cultural and scholarly events. Located in the heart of the Montparnasse neighborhood of Paris, Reid Hall, as it is now called, has transitioned from a porcelain factory to an orthopedic center, a protestant boarding school to an art club, a military hospital to a women's university center, a French educational facility to its final iteration, as an American educational center managed by Columbia University since 1964.

In 2010, it became the home of Columbia Global Centers | ParisIn 2018, Reid Hall welcomed the Institute for Ideas and ImaginationThe combination of the Center and the Institute bring to Reid Hall the significant resources provided by Columbia faculty, students, and administration. 

In honor of its 50th anniversary as a Columbia University facility, the director of Columbia Global Centers l Paris produced a film highlighting Reid Hall's prominent role in French-American relations, educational programs, and cultural activities. Watch the film here.

In 2022, Reid Hall will celebrate its 100th anniversary as a university center.

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