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Fall 2024

Conversion Scale

Students will be graded on the French grading system of 0-20 in all classes (Reid Hall, local university, directed research). The Columbia in Paris program uses the following conversion scale between French and American systems:

19-20 A+

16-18 A

14-15 A-

13 B+

11-12 B

10 B-

9 C+

7-8 C

5-6 C-

3-4 D

0-2 F


Students have the option to take a course as Pass/Fail. In order to do so, students must submit a written request to the Program Coordinator before the deadline indicated in the academic calendar. They must also contact their home school advisor for written approval of your request. This approval must also be forwarded to the Program Coordinator.

Important points:

  • Students can only Pass/Fail ONE course per semester.
  • Students cannot Pass/Fail a Directed Research project.
  • Students cannot Pass/Fail language courses (including Academic Writing & Practicum).

Deadlines may vary for UPENN students. Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

The methodological tutoring is reserved for French university courses. Students are entitled 4 hours of methodological tutoring per university course. The methodological tutors are specialists in their own fields: literature, history, economics, art history, cinema, sociology and political science. Their role is to provide guidance with regards to the methodology of the French university assignments (ie. dissertation, commentaire composé, exposé, fiche de lecture). They help create a study plan for the semester, explain the bibliography of the courses and target relevant books and articles to read before writing papers. In addition, tutors help analyze and understand the topic of a paper in order to formulate a precise problématique and organize ideas following a well-structured outline.


  • Do not be late - if you are, be courteous to your tutor
  • If you have to cancel, do it 48 hours before your scheduled appointment
  • After the 3rd cancellation and / or delay, the tutor reserves the right not to grant you a session anymore

Public Libraries
The city of Paris has 57 public libraries that you can visit to check out books or consult documents. To obtain a library card visit the public library nearest you and preset the necessary documents (library form, ID,and proof of housing). You do not need to live in Paris to request a library card.
Click here for more information.

French Universities (Paris I & Sciences Po)
Each of our partner French universities has a library on its campus that you can visit and use by presenting your student ID card.  Be sure to activate your student card prior to your visit.

Directed Research
If you are doing a directed research project, it may be possible for you to gain access to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF). Consult with your research director and your academic advisor to see if this option is possible for you.